We all have crazy family stories. But I doubt you can top this one. At least for your sake I hope not. I’d love to hear your DNA survival tips!
Mine is not just for another story of dysfunction and drama, but for the larger purpose of finding your path, seeking your message that needs to be told. It’s right there. Inside your mess. Seek it, find it and reveal it. Healing will begin that you didn’t even know you needed.
Seek. Find. Reveal. Heal. Repeat.
Who does this??? My parents told me I was adopted all of my life. But when I was 22, I found out I wasn’t in fact adopted at all. I was gifted. Not with legal means, either. And hidden, kept secret. All out of love, but nonetheless defying the laws of nature. 
SPEAKING TOPIC #1: “Healing from the Heart Out – A plan of hope for recognizing and releasing internal conflict” ties together my DNA drama with the story of my three families, and the siblings that triggered my WHY for speaking. The common thread is resilience. Finding your message, sharing it, and building upon the strength of your survival.
We can only RISE once we’ve fallen, and laughed.
SPEAKING TOPIC #2: “Larry’s Letters – From Jungle to Jersey” is in honor of my brother’s memory, allowing me the chance to personally thank all veterans in attendance, and say,
“welcome home”. Veterans and military families find comfort and camaraderie among the words of my teenage brother, as he displays the voice of every soldier fighting in the bloodiest battles during the height of the Vietnam War.
Seek. Find. Reveal. Heal. Repeat.