In Honor of Planet Earth

Concord/Kannapolis, NC –Independent Tribune Newspaper

Since April 2010, you may have seen my face in a little color block under “In H.O.P.E.”, In Honor of Planet Earth column, where I write about my passions, environmental “going green” topics, social issues, travel and local community events and people.

If your local newspaper or magazine needs a new column (In Honor of Planet Earth), please contact


Going Paperless: The Possibilities and the Problems

Fluoride: The Controversy Beyond Our Toothbrushes

An Environmental Warning: The Missing Monarch

A Closer Look at Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Nature of Nature: Essential Oils can do Wonders

Let’s Head North to Alaska – and We’d Better Hurry

Recycling: Why bother?

Revealing the Mysteries of Mold

Spring Cleaning: The Healthy Edition

Smokers, Mind your Butts!

There’s a Green App for that

Trees, Kids and Tissues – Together for a Good Cause

America Grew Greener in 2012

Fight Back against Fracking

Follow the Frog IN H.O.P.E.

Twelve Resolutions for 2012

Government Gifts for Going Green

Kissing my Sugar Blues Goodbye

Green Traveler Journeys to Haiti

Common Items you cannot Trash

There’s Cash in your Trash

Embrace the Green Season – Carpe Diem!

Social Recycling – Turn Clutter into Cause

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