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Holding Haiti ChildSome of my most meaningful moments in life took place in Haiti, where I learned what desperation meant in a visible, tangible way. The faithfulness of these poor souls knocked the privilege right out of me, brought me to my knees and showed me what belief in God could “buy” you: The Fruits of the Spirit.

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness.

Imagine sleeping in a cold, dirty, dark hut made of straw. It leaks in the rain. Wind blows through it. Bugs are attracted to it. Your babies lie in it, knowing nothing of the comforts we have. No blankets, no diapers, no clean water or milk, very little food. No safety, no toys, no electricity. There were mothers who BEGGED me to take their children, so I could offer them a better life in the United States.

They are a broken society. But with the Fruits of the Spirit, one survives. One can thrive, believe it or not. I saw it for my own eyes. The distant village of Maplat was evidence that God is good all the time…and all the time, God is good. In spite of the horrific conditions, the Maplatians are full of love and joy and they rejoice like we would at a rock concert – arms raised, jumping in excitement for His glory…loud and proud to be God’s children!

A small, but determined few of us are returning to Haiti in February, 2016.

We hope to help some children in Bible School at Life’s Path and plan to donate many pure essential oils, teaching the medicinal qualities of doTERRA for the use by the teachers, for the children. They are in great need of help for their persistent skin diseases and digestive system challenges. We are so excited to return to the special boys at Bezalel Movement, who continue to support Maplat, building homes and medical facilities, as well as teaching and ministering to the youth in Jacmel, where they live. We, from One Life Church, are partnering with Life’s Path to engage with these special souls – and something tells me we will get much more out of it than they will!

Find out more, or contribute here:https://www.youcaring.com

To purchase oils for your contribution, shop here and contact me for shipping options to get the oils in my hands before mid-January: www.MyDoterra.com/VerdeMom.