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stronghold journey from captivityThe game of OPERATOR – where the first child whispers a sentence to the second, who whispers to the third, etc. – always ends with the wrong message. We simply aren’t programmed to repeat things word for word and get them right every time. Naturally flawed in our attempts to memorize, repeat, and have it truly stick, we just can’t remember every word.

Bible scriptures have been spoken and read to me all my life. But I admit, I haven’t memorized very many of them. Why not? I figured I could always find a Bible to get the words, that’s easy enough, right?

When I read Beth Kinder’s STRONGHOLD, the answer came to me.

I don’t need to memorize scripture, I need to CONSUME it, live it, use it, believe it. Write it on my hand to help throughout the day. Otherwise, I may misrepresent the Word of God or misunderstand exactly what He wants – and that is a burden I don’t want to bear! We all have the responsibility of sharing our good fortune, the Good Words we know, so we should get them right!

If memorization helps you to consume the Word of God so that you can use it in your everyday lives, go for it. Just double check your source regularly!

When Eve showed the devil that she didn’t know her Word and she doubted it, that is when she caved. He, the evil one, recognized her weakness and lack of faith because she didn’t KNOW the word, she hadn’t CONSUMED it. Hearing it from others doesn’t cut it – because our doubt, our uncertainties will show through. The crack in our armor will deepen, if we don’t fill it with the righteousness of God’s wisdom.

WHY DO WE NEED THE ARMOR TO BEGIN WITH? It provides us freedom from captivity – strength to get through the tough days – wisdom to pick up the pieces and grow in spite of our shortcomings and the bumps in the road we all face.

So when your friend says something hurtful, you can recall Jesus’ words about forgiveness. Or if your coworker takes the credit you are due and gets the raise you deserve – Turn to Psalm 37:7-8 (“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him; do not fret when men succeed in their way, when they carry out their wicked schemes.) When your mind is reeling and your TO DO list is overwhelming, – turn to Psalm 46:10 – and try some meditation (“Be still, and know that I am God”). When everything is DARK and the worst possible thing you can imagine happens, God tells us to consider it pure joy! Seems crazy, right? But read James 1:2-4 to see how perseverance through your faith will bring you through it.

He has given us all the tools to live a happy, long and prosperous life and the answers are found in the Holy Bible. It’s our pleasure, our privilege to consume them all.