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Psalm 18:1–2 says, “He is my fortress, my safe place, my refuge and my stronghold.”


Stronghold FortressDecades of church going…pews under my bottom, scripture read and re-read, life groups, small groups, baptism. But it wasn’t until I read Beth Kinder’s Stronghold that I realized what the Holy Spirit does for me. Stronghold has opened my eyes to the powerful role of the Holy Spirit and it’s relationship to God, the Father and His Son. Knowing that my relationship, my response, to the Holy Spirit is the way that I can live a life of freedom and grace gives me more hope than ever, that my intimacy with the Holy Spirit will provide me with great power! Defeat is removed from all equations when the Holy Spirit is dwelling in us and we engage. There is no greater joy than to know we have the power of the trilogy fighting our enemies for us, and it is available to us all, as a gift from above. It is, as Beth says, our “secret weapon”. A more powerful weapon than any other, earned by His blood shed on the cross, even though we may not feel worthy, it is ours if we desire. My fears, doubts and uncertainties? They are all His to bear. I surrender, armor in hand.

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