This year (2012) marks the 30th annual Mountain Foliage Festival and Grand Privy Races…a race like no other in a small mountain town just 2 hours north of Charlotte.

Mark your calendars for the 2nd Saturday in October, you won’t want to miss it!

Doll up your outhouse and decorate it if you dare…then bring along at least 4 friends to help you man it, taking turns sitting ‘in the hole’ while you race it down Main Street in Independence, Virginia. Seriously, this is no joke and if you want to participate, there are rules you must follow. Check out: for more information. You can see a video here:

You won’t see another race like this in ‘these parts’ and you’ll laugh all the way to the indoor restroom (located next to the race at the county courthouse, where the local history is displayed).

Enjoy the mountain foliage and fun, blue grass music and grilled local food and vendors found at this festival. Don’t forget the toilet paper toss and pumpkin seed spitting contests!

Nice folk, good food and a Privy race…how better to spend a fall afternoon?

If you come Friday night, don’t miss the ‘Potty Princess’ competition where you’ll see interesting characters vying for the crown.

There’s a lot more to do in the area, check out the New River State Park, New River Campground and Canoes, Mount Rogers, Galax shops and much more only minutes away.