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Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I figure a half dozen pictures are worth a short story.

Here’s my environmental journey, as depicted by t-shirts I photographed at the Organicfest in Asheville, 2011.

My favorite:

Organicism (n): or-gan-ic-ism: an experience-rich lifestyle in which you are not fooled by approximations of reality, pesticides, exploitation and half truths; a life where you live happily ever after by leaving the world better not worse.

Touch the Earth Gently t-shirt

Touch the Earth Gently

Totally Organic t-shirt

Conservation is the Key t-shirt

Conservation is the Key, Mission Playground

My Gas is Ozone Friendly t-shirt

Save Planet Earth bag

OK, so this last one isn’t a t-shirt but it was priceless and had to be included…

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