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Think Outside The Bin Cover

Think Outside the Bin” covers basic recycling and reuse concepts for common household trash, but there are also opportunities throughout the book to be a part of something much bigger than recycling.  Many of our everyday discards can avoid the landfill AND help a worthy cause.  The concept encourages the practice of Social Recycling – get rid of your unwanted items and be responsible to put them in the next best place, possibly for a greater purpose and with a simultaneous benefit to the planet.

Think Outside The Bin was praised by Ed Begley, Jr.:

This is a fantastic resource! It’s important to regularly purge

yourself of all the excess “stuff” that we all accumulate,

but where does it all go?

Ed Begley, Jr. at the 81st Academy Awards

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Thank you for giving us all some guidance with

these important matters. –Ed Begley, Jr.