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Tracy Himes

Tracy Smith Himes

At the AWP 2012 Conference in Chicago, Margaret Atwood was the Keynote Speaker and offered up some sage advice for writers, which is just too good not to pass on:

The fate of the environment is also our fate…in disguise

Craft is the dirt under your nails.  It becomes art.

Your key signature is the tone of your work: is it dark? light? beige?

Plot is the sequence of events viewed lineally; structure is the order in which you tell it.

Voice block? Change narrator or tense.

Structure blocks? Change your first scene.

Photo of an open fortune cookie

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AWP Conference Sign
At the book fair with hundreds of publishers and thousands of books, I visited my first booth and took a fortune cookie.  The fortune read, “Margaret Atwood is talking about you”. So, I figured I would return the favor.  Thank you Margaret, for the priceless advice and sincere laughs.  Oh, how I wish to write the words you care to speak of.  I’m off to read the rest of your books…

Visit Margaret’s website at www.MargaretAtwood.ca.