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I was honored to visit Haiti this summer and had the most amazing trip.  I started out quite scared, uncomfortable and anxious.  After just a couple of days, I released all fears and just embraced the few comforts we were afforded.  The truth was, those few comforts were luxuries to the Haitians, and I felt guilty indulging in 3 meals a day, fresh water and a semi-functioning port-a-potty.

Here is a short video of some of the trip, with an introduction of how the journey affected me.  It’s a personal message I shared with my church (Kinetic Church) and the first time I spoke about the trip.  After 12 days, I still found it hard to discuss my trip without sharing tears at the same time.  Haiti has so many problems and challenges, it’s hard to know where to start and how to help.  The feelings I had were overwhelming and still weigh hard on my heart.  Here is a glimpse of my journey:

If you are interested in helping the poorest country in the world, I now personally know folks there, which is especially important in Haiti.  They are worthy, trustworthy and doing amazing things that actually enable the local people to learn trades and help each other.  Farsight Christian Ministries, led by Levern Halstead (www.fcminc.org), take NO administrative fees, so 100% of your donations directly help the Haitians with new houses, helpful trades and education, medical attention and even a pair of goats!  Tell them Verde Mom sent you…you, too, will be blessed by being a part of this amazing organization!