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We all know that pesticides are prevalent in most of our food sources, our cans of food, crops, poultry and cattle.  Produce is especially susceptible to the pesticides and chemicals sprayed, due to the nature of their delicate systems.

Eating and buying (locally grown) organic food and grass fed meat is the best way to go, smart choices on so many levels.  We can’t always find or afford these luxuries, but even with organic produce, how many insects have been on it?  How many people have handled it before it gets to your table?

An easy answer, the best resolution, is to use organic produce wash on organic produce.  Water alone will not remove the amount of pesticides found on the outside of the produce.  Regular soaps, filled with chemical preservatives, are nearly as toxic as the pesticides themselves, so avoid washing your food with those!

Fresh Produce

Baby steps…it’s really all that we can do, or we will get overwhelmed and depressed at what has happened to our society and our food sources.  Produce wash is easy to get, affordable, effective and is one step that we can all take without any inconvenience.  Non-toxic produce is just a squirt away!

Speaking of baby steps, take a look at the effect of these pesticides on unborn children.  We once believed that the womb was protecting to our unborn children, that harmful chemicals wouldn’t pass through to them. The evidence is mounting to the contrary, unfortunately, so spread the word to all your pregnant friends and family.

Here are 2 studies worth looking at:

EWG‘s study of “10 Americans” found 287 chemicals in fetus’ blood, chemicals that were banned, or should have been banned, years ago.  Watch the video here.

USA Today reported on April 21, 2011:  PESTICIDE EXPOSURE IN WOMB LINKED TO LOW IQ… Pregnant Women urged to wash produce, avoid home chemical use.  

Read more about the study about IQ testing in 7-year olds exposed as fetuses in the womb here.