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Dishwashing liquid in use

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Brain Fog anyone?

Feeling sluggish?

Any health concerns?

Check your cabinets and closets…it could be that your home is full of toxins, many that you don’t even know are lurking.  Toxic chemicals, in fact the very ones we “invite” to our homes, could be the direct cause for many health issues.

I recently attended classes with 2 different Wellness organizations, OmniHealth Academy and HuntforWellness, where they both shared earth-shattering information about our body’s toxicity and how it affects our overall health.  It was great hearing Medical Professionals who are passionate on the topic, teaching others and spreading the same message that I like to share: toxins are toxic!

Here are the TOP TEN TOXINS in our homes and the chemicals that make them among the worst, according to OmniHealth.

I’ve added my favorite easy, affordable and convenient solutions for each of them.

1.  Dishwashing Detergent

Problem:  Chlorine, Flouride+PetroChem, Benzene, Phosphates.

Solution:  Seventh Generation, or Laundry soap nuts in liquid form, or distilled for a DIY option (see laundry #3).

2.  Oven Cleaner

Problem:  Lye, Ammonia

Solution:  Self-Cleaning Oven, Vinegar, elbow grease!  Use Baking Soda with these tips:  http://www.ehow.com/how_4549356_clean-oven-natural-ingredients.html

3.  Laundry Detergent

Laundry soap nuts by Chartreuse

Laundry soap nuts by ChartreuseProblem: Benzene (causes Leukemia)

Problem: Benzene (causes Leukemia)

Solution:  Laundry Soap that grows on a tree!  They clean and soften, save money, are compostable…and can be used for other soap needs, including the dishwasher!

4.  Floor and Furniture Polishers

Problem:  Petroleum Distillates (basically, flammable crude oil!)

Solution:  Organic All Purpose Cleaner, one that is safe enough to drink, smells heavenly and uses certified organic ingredients and essential oils.

5.  Air Fresheners

Problem:  Where to start?  There are SIX chemicals, targeted by the Government as holding the highest priority for neurotoxicity!

Solution:  Organic air fresheners from certified ingredients and organic reed diffusers, open windows and fans!  Check out “Get a Whiff of This” for thorough research on documented dangers of fragrance in our environment.

6..  Antibacterial Soaps and Cleaners

Problem:  Triclosan (Liver Damaging)

Solution:  Avoid at all costs, organic and natural soaps are antibacterial by their very nature and protect our “good” bacteria, which we need for a healthy immunity system.  Antibacterial soaps are also very drying and damaging to skin, our largest organ.

7.  Dry Cleaning

Problem: Perchloroethylene (known Carcinogen) – According to GreenAnswers.com, Perchloroethylene is a compound that is a central nervous system depressant, meaning it interferes the brain’s ability to function properly. Read more about dry-cleaning toxins in this article.

Solution:  Find a “green cleaner” in your area, or try delicate wash and laundry soap nuts, they work well even on silk…just ask anyone you know who grew up in India, where the Soapberry Trees grow!









All-Purpose Cleaner by Chartreuse

All-Purpose Cleaner by Chartreuse

9.  Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners

Problem:  Same as Drycleaning, known to have Perchloroethylene

Solution:  Sorry to dwell on it, but Chartreuse All Purpose Cleaner really does an amazing job on all water-safe materials and surfaces…especially carpet stains, I have several customer testimonials on that alone!

A close-up of a Pumice Stone.

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10.  Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Problem:  Hydrochloric Acid (Liver and Kidney Damage)

Solution:  Pumice Stone for hard water, Chartreuse Bathroom Cleaner

Thank you Faith Hill and OmniHealth for having me as a guest!

Thank you Tunis Hunt and Estela Hunt at HuntforWellness for having me as a speaker at your Toxic class!

Both of these wellness programs also monitor Mercury, Lead and other heavy metal toxicity in your body, explain the sources and offer solutions to each.

These passionate, helpful professionals can easily change your life (and health).

Tell them Verde Mom sent you!